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Thank you so much for coming over and showing interest in the NC Real Estate Members Club, it's an absolute pleasure to have you here.  

The Members Club enrollment period is currently closed.  

{Reopening Late 2018}  


  • Instant access to ALL Property Investment trainings
  • Live Weekly Discussions and Q&A 
  • Weekly Quick Shifts - Become The Best Landlord
  • Monthly Property Investment Courses + Workbook
  • Private Members Community 
  • Access from anywhere in the world with our app
  • Complimentary RICS Membership
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The Members Club is where passionate property investors come together to put that sparkle back into their portfolios and use their assets to create a life they absolutely love.

How do we do that?

By giving Property Investors to key to smart strategies, unwaivering support and purpose driven techniques which successful investors who have carved the path before them have already tried and tested. 

We combine:

  • Strong Community - In our online community like minded property investors want to connect and share results and knowledge. You aren't alone, you have a huge team supporting and rooting for you!
  • Recipes For Success - You get the skills, knowledge and processes which will open doors to upscaling your portfolio and transforming the way you operate your assets. It's time to invest smarter, not harder!
  • Resiliance Building - Mindset is key and staying focused, committed and holding the belief that you will succeed go a long way to hitting your investment goals. In the Members Club we focus on this as a key skill to make sure that you always have the strength to persevere.
  • Mentorship - This is where the strategies are tailormade to suit you. We appreaciate that not one size fits all, so you need something tweaking, we are here to support that as we are as committed as you are to achieving your goals. 

My name is Natasha Collins BSc MSc MRICS

I am your property suport system, right here to accelerate your success through efficient strategies and awesome advice which is simple for you to implement so that you can feel confident to build a property portfolio you love!  

Here's why I'm qualified to help you:  

  • I have over 9 years experience in strategic asset management and worked with over £500 million of property
  • I have built a property empire worth over £2 million 
  • I'm a qualified chartered surveyor, regulated by the Royal Instituion of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • My Masters degree is in Real Estate Surveying through the University of Reading
  • I'm a Univeristy Lecturer at UCEM and teach Property Management to undergraduate and masters level students... I'm proud to train the property professionals of the future
  • I've worked with hundreds of Landlords just like you and I'm passionate about making sure that you achieve your goals!

I created the Members Club to bring together a community of like minded property investors who can learn and progress together... without being limited by a high ticket price tag!


  • Weekly Strategy Seminars - Focusing on streamlining your processes and allowing you to expand quickly. This is where success happens.  
  • Private Members Community - A place for you to hang out, get support and help whenever you need it, share a high five and celebrate your successes.  
  • Workshops - Learn brand new strategies and tailor them specifically to your portfolio!  
  • Quick Shifts - Simple processes that you can immediately work into your portfolio for that easy win... you want to upscale fast, this will get you there.  
  • Property Processes - Get access to all my spreadsheets, process flow charts and help guides so that you can run your portfolio with confidence and with full control.  
  • Action Tasks - To make sure you are making progress. So you can constantly take action and if you have any questions I'm right there to answer them, you are never alone or more than one click away from an expert.  

How Do I know That This Is Right For Me?

  • You are ready to invest in property and become a Landlord
  • You want to build a customized property investment strategy to create the success you desire
  • You are looking for an awesome community that believes the same things as you and is there to support you
  • Nows the time to achieve your goals by taking decisive action to becomming a property investor
  • You know the power of investing in your properties and are committed to giving the support you need so that you can achieve your goals



  • Awesome property investment coaching without the contract!
  • Huge community to network with, without putting in the extra hours!
  • Strategy, empowerment and confidence, all under one roof!
  • Mastermind progress without the huge cost to swallow!